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Name: Jackson Michael Ellis "Jack"
Birthdate: December 28th
Hair: Ashy blond
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs. (73 kg)
Age in Appearance: 20


Pretty much your stereotypical lightweight farm boy. He's tall, lanky, but has some pretty decent biceps from all the heavy lifting. He's average, though he doesn't like thinking he is. Thus, he goes about ways to change it, such as getting his ears pierced and getting a Hawkeyes logo tattoo on the back of his right shoulder. He also may appear a bit mussed up, and he certainly is. Just an fyi, he doesn't gel his hair to get it to spike like that. He combs it with a pillow then goes on with his day. He has a white bandage around his neck that hides a large, dark scar from the only battle every fought on Iowa soil; Fort Madison. He's unsure if it's a burn mark or from something else, as his memory from that time is very patchy, but either way, he doesn't like to talk about it and prefers to hide it.

As far as clothing, he's average in that category too. He likes working in whatever is most comfortable, so he favors jeans, t-shirts, and flannel jackets (which are more tied around his waist than actually being worn). While working, he'll usually wear a trucker hat and some work gloves. In t-shirt choice, he usually wears something Hawkeyes-related (though he may give in and wear a Cyclones shirt), or a band shirt, most likely Slipknot. He does own dress clothes, and even then, comfort is the standard. Somewhere in his closet is an old tux, but like he'll ever wear it. If he does have to dress up, it'll probably be in a white dress shirt, a black tie, some slacks, and his sneakers. Yep, he's spectacularly average.


Jack is somewhat mercurial in personality, as in sometimes he doesn't act the same as the last time someone saw him. For the most part, he's usually quiet and makes attempts to be as helpful as possible. As said in the song 'Iowa Stubborn', "We'll give you our shirts, and our backs to go with it, if your crops should happen to die." This is pretty much what he lives by. However, he can get downright cruel if he is wronged. Though he may seem calm, he does have a surprisingly quick temper.

Midwest repression shows very prominently in him. He doesn't speak much, especially about his own problems or concerns. As far as he thinks, no one really bothers to notice what's going on with him. This silence has cost him in the past, mostly being paid out in trauma from conflict and stress. However, he does have the capability to overcome the repression, particularly on the moral code that the states around him seem to be expected to follow. He isn't considered right-wing or left-wing specifically, nor a terribly religious state. Most of the laws that are held firm by others are very lax to him. This showed strongly when his government approved gay marriage legally, much to the surprise of many politicans and the general population. Though there was certainly controversy, Jack went against his expected nature and shrugged it off.

He also exhibits traits of a split personality, which isn't terribly odd considering his region. Due to intense repression in his childhood, he vented his anguish into a sort of other form of him, which seems to absorb a good portion of his negative memories. However, this other side has a tendency to speak out at random moments, or if Jack is under intense pressure or stress. This personality is violent, cruel, sadistic, perverse, and a general asshole. However, it isn't Jack's exact opposite, but more like the side of him he never shows. The other personality doesn't show very often, which is something Jack is thankful for.

As of coming to HQ, Jack has found himself a bit more willing to express himself. This goes both ways for him, being both positive and negative. Postively, he's been more sociable, going out to visit people he wouldn't normally talk to. Negatively, he's been a bit more snarky and sarcastic, which wasn't a very prominent trait in him beforehand. He tends to argue more, or looks down on others that he hasn't been too fond of in the past. Yet he still remains generous and friendly to those he likes.


▪ He speaks English, Danish, and French fluently. He has a loose grasp on German and Norwegian.
▪ He loves bonfires of any kind, and also fireworks among other explosives. His Scandinavian background is very prominent in him and he has a tendency to find ridiculous reasons to celebrate with a bonfire. Just as well, he never has a can of WD-40 too far away, just for...you know, if there needs to be some pyrotechnics.
▪ Jack loves his animals, specifically his ferret, Maddie and his dog, Mitch. He's particularly protective of Maddie and seems to have trained her to like only who he likes and attack people he doesn't. Mitch, on the other hand, just likes everyone, a lot.

▪ He has two birthmarks; an arrowhead shaped one to the left of his navel and one that resembles a train track on the back of his neck


Official Name: State of Iowa
Official Nickname: the Hawkeye State
Date of Admission: December 28th, 1846 (29th)
Demonym: Iowan
Motto: 'Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.'
Bird: Eastern Goldfinch
Flower: Wild Rose
Tree: Oak
Rock: Geode
Highest Point: Hawkeye Point (1,670 ft)
Lowest Point: Mississippi River at Keokuk (480 ft)

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