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[Back home, Iowa, like most states in the 2,500 mile snowstorm line, have been completely thrashed by waves upon waves of blinding snow. Sure, this winter has been harsh, and the Plains states tend to get plenty of snow, but this is particularly bad. Iowa already had to report that every major highway had ice and snow on it. Snowfall records are almost record-beating.

Of course, this leaves Jack freezing, burrowed in his house, and specifically burrowed under a pile of fleece blankets with his space heater cranked up. Mitch is curled on his couch next to him, and for all anyone knows, Maddie is also burrowed in the blankets, but it's much more difficult to spot her.

Though, one look around his house and it's pretty clear he was preparing for this. There's soup packets and boxes of any number of cracker-related things everywhere, along with another mass of blankets and pillows, and an endless supply of movies he dug up. Unfortunately, all he has to drink is Spring Grove and Olde Main, in which he's chosen the latter to drink. While the weather around town might not be as godawful as the weather back home, Jack is sure acting like it.
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So, I've had the worst case of Writer's Block lately, which super sucks because NaNoWriMo is next month and I have no story ideas or anything. ;-; Anyway, seeing as how I seem to work best when prompted, I figured a few fic prompts might be enough to help.

In lieu of this, if anyone has any writing requests or whatnot, I'd be more than happy to do them. So, pairings, or solo, or anything off the KinkGen, I could try. Just something to get me going. c: It'd all come in one big ficdump, but I think if I get even a little nudge, I'll fly through it before you know it.

Please and thank you. :)

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Yes, seven drabbles. Yes, they probably suck. But lord have mercy, I just wanted to get things up before they drove me crazy. ;; /deposits
S-so feedback is appreciated, positive or negative or whatever. If I feel up to it (and stop procrastinating, hurhurhur like that'll happen), then I'll post more eventually. :|b

EDIT: Icon switcheroo because that last one did not fit the mood of GRUMPY. /pouts, neenerneener

Called out cold war, remnants now here on the floor )


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