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[It's been a few months since Mitch and Maddie went missing, along with Lou's dog, Jake. Luckily, all animals returned to their respective owners, except Jake had a bit more than just herself when she got back. Without too much explanation otherwise, the results of that fateful two or so months, plus an extra two months dealing with squeakily-barking, non-potty trained, and teething puppies, Jack and Lou are sitting around with a crib-pen type-thing and a sign hanging off the side of it.]

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[Oh, such boredom to be experienced today. It's just been one of those days where there's nothing better to do than sit around in your pajamas and do close to nothing (unless naps count for any productivity points). Seeking to at least get some work in today, he grabs a pen and paper and does...stuff.]

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Despite Will's earlier warnings not to mess with the mask he found, Jack happily takes it back to his room and begins an examination. Yes, it's an extremely creepy kabuki mask. Yes, he has sworn he has seen it somewhere before (just can't recall when or where). Yes, it's definitely got some weirdness attached to it but it makes him feel extremely artistic when he wears it.

Of course, he certainly didn't like the fact that he couldn't find the music room (and he had trusted Kaycee! Oh the nerve), for now he has unrestrained urges to drum or play guitar or something that can take this strange creative edge off. However, it doesn't help the fact that he does feel pretty pissed off at the world when he wears it. Ah, what the hell. It must have just been the moment.

So despite warnings, the mask goes back on and yet again, that musical urge is back. Luckily, there's a drumset handy and a pair of drumsticks (the hell did these come from?) in his cargo pants. May the musical beatdown begin.

Drum Solo - Slipknot
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"If you switched my first name and my middle name, it would be Michael Jackson. Of this, I am frightened."

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Finding himself bored again, Jack has done yet another meme to pass the time seeing as how all the work outside is done and it's just going to be a blazing inferno outside today. So what better to do than fill out random, mostly useless things that may or may not melt your brain! All while having a ferret sleep over one shoulder and wake up only to sneeze on you. Ah yes, what better life can there be?

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Jack walks to his room, holding the cupcake he got from the tray. It's a vanilla cupcake with electric blue frosting (it looked awesome) and it sure as hell smells good. Once in the safety of his room, Jack happily stuffs it in his mouth without a second thought.

"It was really nice of HQ to give out cupcakes. I thought they were all crazy but this seems normal enough."

Oh Jack, if only you knew. For the cupcake consumed contains the super power of endless energy. One may think it would be good for an Iowan, unless you can't stop.

Once the cupcake is completely consumed, Jack sits there, leaning back in his chair and sighing with relief. Until he feels a shudder go through him, and then another. Suddenly, he has the weird urge to run a few miles. How weird...

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100 Questions (I was going to do it eventually.) )
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Jack walks around his room, slightly flustered at the odd things he finds there (suddenly the panties incident seems much more...interesting). He finds a calendar nearby on a chair and flips it open to the appropriate month, tilting his head. Suddenly, a grin flies onto his face (creepy grin? You betcha) and he puts the calendar on his bed, beginning to hunt for a marker to circle a certain date.

"Alright, Midsummer's in a few days!"

Yes indeed, the day that farmers everywhere love and the day where drunken/generally idiotic (even without alcohol) tomfoolery is temporarily overlooked by the government is certainly almost here. What sticks out in Jack's mind is the enormous and hazardous bonfires he has come to associate with such a day. Humming to himself, Jack circles the date with a permanent marker.

June 21st

(ooc: I feel like I'm taking a huge liberty here, but if anyone is up for it, I'd be more than happy to post it on the HQ journal. I just think Midsummer is twenty kinds of kickass. :3)

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I got this fancy thing called an e-mail address now. And an AIM screen name, whatever that may be.

e-mail - hawkeyeiowa01@aim.com
AIM - hawkeyeiowa
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(ooc ^^; I thought this was way too funny. X3)

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