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Yep, stole this from...everyone who stole it from people they knew, and you're all little thieves so you should be sad you did this. :| And now I shall board the Hypocrite Express and sit in the Bandwagon Department in the Carriage of Bad Analogies.

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Yes, go hither and 'splain yourselves. :|
Or, you know, do the whole 'MAH CHARACTERS THINK THIS OF YOURS, SO NOW WHAT' thing. That works too. (Besides, it helps with the relationship posts that I will never do but will claim I'm working on.)
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[Oh, such boredom to be experienced today. It's just been one of those days where there's nothing better to do than sit around in your pajamas and do close to nothing (unless naps count for any productivity points). Seeking to at least get some work in today, he grabs a pen and paper and does...stuff.]

Sweat it out, shut your mouth, free love on the streets )
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"If you switched my first name and my middle name, it would be Michael Jackson. Of this, I am frightened."

Istanbul not Constantinople )
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Finding himself bored again, Jack has done yet another meme to pass the time seeing as how all the work outside is done and it's just going to be a blazing inferno outside today. So what better to do than fill out random, mostly useless things that may or may not melt your brain! All while having a ferret sleep over one shoulder and wake up only to sneeze on you. Ah yes, what better life can there be?

The cut hides my shame )
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Oh god, I need a life so bad. Or I need my computer taken away. I'd prefer a life.

Ten Things Meme )
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100 Questions (I was going to do it eventually.) )
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(ooc ^^; I thought this was way too funny. X3)

Iowa is sexy. )

Jackson is...perplexed. )



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