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[It's not hard to tell that things have gotten tense in the Midwest, starting with protests in Wisconsin, and now coming to protests in Iowa. In lieu of it, Jack has decided to take as much of the edge off as he can, in the form of bundling himself up and toting a sled up the highest hill in town, Mitch loyally at his side and far too excited for his own good.

Yes, the hill is a bit daunting, and he'll probably end up with his fair share of bruises and humiliation by nightfall, but it should be worth it in the end. One he gets to the top, he poses momentarily like a king about to take on an opposing kingdom. He is Macduff, ready to teach Macbeth a lesson. He is William Wallace sans face paint and kilt, replaced with a beanie and jeans. He is Napoleon, Alexander, and Caesar all in one tall, skinny, farm boy form. He has his mighty companion barking and rolling in the snow at his side. This hill is his battlefield, his Tannenburg and Hastings and Antietam all in one.

As he finally sits on his sled and pushes, he flies down the hill with a mighty screech of questionable masculinity battle cry, his dog running after him and barking happily.
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So, I've had the worst case of Writer's Block lately, which super sucks because NaNoWriMo is next month and I have no story ideas or anything. ;-; Anyway, seeing as how I seem to work best when prompted, I figured a few fic prompts might be enough to help.

In lieu of this, if anyone has any writing requests or whatnot, I'd be more than happy to do them. So, pairings, or solo, or anything off the KinkGen, I could try. Just something to get me going. c: It'd all come in one big ficdump, but I think if I get even a little nudge, I'll fly through it before you know it.

Please and thank you. :)

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Yep, stole this from...everyone who stole it from people they knew, and you're all little thieves so you should be sad you did this. :| And now I shall board the Hypocrite Express and sit in the Bandwagon Department in the Carriage of Bad Analogies.

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Yes, go hither and 'splain yourselves. :|
Or, you know, do the whole 'MAH CHARACTERS THINK THIS OF YOURS, SO NOW WHAT' thing. That works too. (Besides, it helps with the relationship posts that I will never do but will claim I'm working on.)


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